Energy Exchange

Share your good vibes and get free yoga

Energy Exchange program gives students the opportunity to deepen their yoga practice, regardless of their financial situation.

The Energy Exchange t[EE]m is the heartbeat of the studio! Each member strives to be of service to the space and the teachers, works collaboratively within the community, and is committed to wellness and dedicated to the practice of yoga - both on and off the mat!

Many of our teachers, including Kylie the studio owner - began their journey as an energy Exchanger after being inspired to step further into their yoga practice and make the studio a bigger part of their lives.

This offering is one of the ways we strive to make yoga accessible to all - regardless of financial capacity. Each t[EE]m member owns a three hour shift each week with a required three month commitment in exchange for unlimited access to yoga classes - and lots of other opportunities to connect with community partners. Maintaining and growing your practice is an important part of being on the t[EE]m, and we want to make sure your shift is sustainable for your life and your practice as well as ensure that the studio is receiving the necessary support to continue to serve the community.

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