Celebrating Local

Pranify Yoga collaborates with humans and companies that align with our values. These collaborations create a reciprocity that nurtures both entities and our communities. These relationships contribute to the movement of our mission where healing and unification can happen, sending a ripple of peace into the world.

Retreat Bistro

We love eating at...


Retreat believes that the wellness journey starts from the inside out. They source their food ingredients locally and choose organic when possible. The plant and wood-filled cafe is a staple in the Greenlake neighborhood for when you're catching up with a friend or sitting down with your computer or a book. Go to post-yoga order: Afterglow Latte with Oat Milk!

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Tiger Mountain Trail

We love exploring....

Time in nature allows us to connect to Mother Earth. We remember that we are of the earth, the elements, and the living plants and animals that all call this planet home. Though no tigers spotted, this mountain is filled with various trails for hiking, biking, or even paragliding. Remember to be respectful of the land during your time. If you pack it in make sure to pack it out!

Discount for UW Staff

We Love Our Huskies!

Enjoy our monthly unlimited yoga membership for $129 a month. Got your UW email address or ID card? Send it our way and we will add the discount for you. Email us at seattle@pranifyyoga.com

Deep Tissue Massage by Jeremiah Johnson, LMT

Jeremiah provides intuitive and personalized deep tissue and sports massage treatments with the intent of helping clients reach their health and fitness goals. He has over a decade of experience working with clients of all types, from pro athletes, to those recovering from injuries and surgeries, and everything in between.

Pranify members click here to receive 20% off their first session.

Learn more here.

The Seattle Times features Tami's Yin Yoga Class

The Seattle Times wrote an article all about the benefits of Yin Yoga classes and featured Pranify Yoga + Tami Hafzalla.

Read the full article here!

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