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Series and workshops are a great way to deepen your practice and expand your relationship with self. These offerings will be longer in nature allowing for the opportunity to dive into an immersive experience allowing you to explore beyond the usual limits of a regular class with the guidance and support of the teacher.

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E4 Essentials

With Jeff Sorensen



E4 Essentials – Evolve – Empower – Embody – Expand

Explore the body-based practices of BREATH, ICE and MOVEMENT to reconnect to your true potential. Harness these powerful tools backed by science to find the freedom and joy your heart desires along with the resiliency required to navigate a wildly and rapidly changing world.
Join us for this one-of-a-kind experience designed to help you learn to utilize simple and
practical tools that will lead you to more peace, creativity and flow in all aspects of your life, your relationships and your career.

Shatter your limiting beliefs and let go of living in fear. Master your mind and remember your true nature. Remember how strong and resilient you are by breaking through the mental barriers that hold you back in your life.

Over the course of this workshop we will touch on the basics of nervous system regulation, harnessing the power of your breath, natural stress management and how to improve mood and create ecstatic, blissful states of being using only breathwork and natural stressors like heat and cold.

Breathwork – Our breath is our greatest resource. Explore the profound states of
consciousness accessible through breathwork led by master breathwork facilitator Jeff
Sorensen. Harness this incredible power in your day to day life with a simple framework
for personal practice, nervous system regulation and stress management.

Cold Exposure - Gain mastery over your nervous system and mind using an ice bath as a mirror to reflect our aversions to sensation and discomfort. The nervous system is the energetic system of our body. Expanding its capacity allows you to stay regulated and expansive in stressful situations, expand your energetic field and your ability to channel energy in your life as well as enhance creativity.

Movement – Open and align the body to higher states of being with a variety of
movement practices intelligently sequenced with the other modalities presented to move
and amplify the energetic shifts created. Movement practices will vary from yoga,
somatic release techniques, to ecstatic dance and more.

Community – Coming together in community with others of like mind and vibration is perhaps one of the most potent and powerful medicines of our times. Entering a safe
container where we can be seen, heard and held by our community allows us to heal our
wounds and strengthen our confidence and authenticity to show up in the world as the
one we came here to be.

“When we embrace these practices individually we can create miracles in our life, when
practiced together in community we can change the world.” Jeffrey C. Sorensen

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Shakti Rising

With Jada Fire of Wolfkin


Open the door to the art of falling in love with yourself by calling in deep self-love, compassion and reverence and discover how this essence is met and explored in the medicine of the dance.

Loosen your hips, move with gentleness, ease and an expressive sacred movement to awaken your cauldron of creativity within. This workshop brings a blend of lecture, movement medicine and the unlocking of your sentient heart.

Come celebrate your beautiful body and release all that no longer nourishes you. Participants ages 18 and up are invited to attend.

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Kirtan & Cacao

With James and the Medicine Tribe

7pm - 930pm


The Kirtan Concert Experience with James & The Medicine Tribe is a fusion of alternative music, sound healing, ceremony, and ancient yogic practice. Kirtan is an interactive experience set to music, expressing devotion to Great Spirit through singing and chanting Names of the Divine usually with a call-and-response style. Kirtan is a powerful, meditative experience that cultivates inner peace and connection to Spirit. During Kirtan, you can expect to sing, dance, clap, or relax to soak up the good vibes of the chants and music. This is a safe, welcoming practice for you to connect, heal, renew, and be inspired. James & The Medicine Tribe is a unique combination of musicians and sound healers delivering soul-connecting experiences with their music. This dynamic group gets the crowd elevated while holding a space for you to let go, ground, and connect to your true essence. The group includes James McEwan, lead singer/guitarist, Tyler Law on bass, and Jacob Pasterfield on drums.

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Anti-Anxiety Toolkit

With Dana Skoglund


By donation

Join Dana Skoglund, Master Life and Mindset Coach for Yogis, for a free one hour workshop on simple strategies for reducing everyday anxiety and stress.

Learn how to free yourself from challenging emotions taking over your life using neuroplasticity and nervous system regulation. Walk away with a toolkit of 30-second hacks to stop anxiety in its tracks and make ease your new M.O.

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Caduceus : Weaving the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Divine

With Jeff and Jada

6pm - 9pm


Members receive 15% off all events

Join Jeff and Jada for an ecstatic evening of Breathwork, Movement Medicine, Ecstatic Dance and Shamanic Healing.

Each Caduceus offering is a unique, inspired three hour spirit journey that will lead us into the depths of shadow hunting, emotional release, authentic expression and transmuting old energetic constructs to create luminous renewal.

We are collectively crafting a new destiny and we invite you to come awaken your inner alchemist and ignite your masculine and feminine potentials to create and birth a new vibration of love and unity for both yourself and the collective. Come help us breathe the New Earth into being!!
Each of these Caduceus journeys are unique in their theme and flow...if you have been to one, you will want to join us again as we evolve alongside you!!

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