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Series and workshops are a great way to deepen your practice and expand your relationship with self. These offerings will be longer in nature allowing for the opportunity to dive into an immersive experience allowing you to explore beyond the usual limits of a regular class with the guidance and support of the teacher.

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Fall into Routine Poster

Fall Into Routine

with Dana Skoglund



Join life and Ayurvedic health coach Dana Skoglund for this free workshop on how to create a daily routine for more energy, ease, and balance. Learn 3 simple shifts for more energy, better sleep, healthier digestion and less stress. Discover the most important lever to changing your habits so you can be consistent and stay on track

Reclamation NYE 75

Morning Star Blessing Ceremony

With Caroline Costa

8.30am - 11am


This is a plant spirit circle that is held with the intention for us to pray and bless ourselves, our community and the sacred land we have the opportunity to live within. During the ceremony, we will drink the medicinal elixir of Cacao in a ritualistic context.

This style of ceremony also includes others earth-based spiritual practices, such as moments for prayers, silence and rituals of blessings. The healing power of smudge and the spiritual work with tobacco and rapéh are also a part of the circle.

Your ceremonialist, Caroline, is a Latina woman that has been studying and practicing healing prayers with plant spirits (psychedelics and non-psychedelic) since 2008. This circle will be a fusion of styles she has been dedicated so far, specially weaving the medicines of Yoga, Umbanda and a fusion of South American shamanism.

This ceremony has in it's core values respect and love, open to all forms of expression and with a trauma-informed approach. The practices offered are inclusive and decolonial-oriented. The presence of BIPOC community is deeply encouraged. Expect lots of singing and praying for Pachamama (Mother Earth), Taita Inti (Father Sun), Mama Killa (Mother Moon), the Orishas, the Nahuales and other special wise celestial beings in languages such as English, Portuguese and Spanish!

Sacred Heart Kates Lens 240

Kirtan with James & The Medicine Tribe

7pm - 9.30pm

The Kirtan Concert Experience with James & The Medicine Tribe is a powerful experience that cultivates inner peace and connection to Spirit. Kirtan is an interactive experience set to music, expressing devotion to Great Spirit through singing and chanting Names of the Divine, usually with a call-and-response style. Their unique style is a fusion of alternative music where you can expect to be taken on a journey with authentic soul-felt rhythms. As the music plays, you can feel a sense of connection to the Divine and to each other. Join us for an unforgettable journey of music and meditation that will leave you feeling inspired, elevated, and connected to something greater.

James & The Medicine Tribe, fronted by lead singer and guitarist James McEwan, backed by Tyler Law on bass, and Jacob Pasterfield on drums. This dynamic group creates a soul-connecting experience. Their songs are like medicine, spread far and wide, elevating, bringing peace inside. Singing prayers of the ancient intertwined with the new. With each note, they craft an inspiring tune. Let go of fear, and embrace your soul, as James & The Medicine Tribe bring you in the flow.

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Pathways of Grace

with Alli Shafer

3 week series

September 14th, 21st & 28th

5.30pm - 7.30pm


Yoga is an invitation for each of us to evoke inner and outer mastery. It invites us to channel a powerful, subtle and ultimately an all-embracing energy that moves from within us and beyond.

This progressive series will explore the energetics of asana and aims to awaken the pranic channels of the subtle body. When we refine and harness the creative power (Shakti) of the subtle body, we become fearless, pure and full of life-giving energy.

Intermediate postures and progressive sequencing, paired with pranayamas and yogic kriyas will create grace-filled pathways and possibilities, as our divine potential unfolds through practice. Each session will conclude with subtle body integration by means of meditation, mantra, mudra & breath.

September 14 - ROOT : hip opening + hand balancing

September 21 - HEART: heart opening + backbending

September 28 - CROWN: inversions

IMG 7516

Integrative Body Breathwork

With Reanna Costa

9am - 12pm


Join Reanna Costa for a dynamic, grounded and somatic practice of connecting to your breath as a means to open yourself more fully.

Most of us walk around, to one degree or another, armoured. This armouring is not just in our energy, attitudes or beliefs, it is held in the soma or tissues of our body. Integrative Body Breathwork is a unique technology developed to help you reveal, uncover and meet the holding patterns or armour that we carry. The guidance and techniques offered help you to bring a deeper layer of gentleness, compassion and understanding to the way you hold, clench around or brace against. As we bring this gentle, loving awareness to one’s self and to one’s way of holding - naturally, without the mind, ego or personality having to do or force anything - this holding lets go.

This approach is a new way of looking at your bodymind; it is not about effort, force or discipline. It is about bringing in what we didn’t get to begin with - unconditional love and acceptance - and allowed the body to relax, let go in response to that. It may sound a bit too New Age, maybe even too good to be true! I mean, really? Can we love ourselves whole? Come find out.

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