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How to sign up for events *Important please read*

You can purchase and book your spot in any workshop or special event. This can be done using your Pranify App or here on our website.

To buy the workshop or event click RESERVE of the workshop you wish to attend then select BUY a NEW PAYMENT OPTION select the WORKSHOP credit you wish to be in (CHECKOUT AND PURCHASE) and then select the payment option you just purchased and RESERVE CLASS

It is important to enroll yourself in the event after you make a purchase of the ticket or credit. Making the purchase does not automatically enroll you in the event.

We are here to help navigate the new system so don't hesitate to reach out if there are any issues.

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What & Why we have events

Series and workshops are a great way to deepen your practice and expand your relationship with self. These offerings will be longer in nature allowing for the opportunity to dive into an immersive experience allowing you to explore beyond the usual limits of a regular class with the guidance and support of the teacher.

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Boutler Breathwork Circle

With Reanna Costa

In the Moon Room

6pm - 8pm


Join Reanna Costa for a dynamic, grounded and somatic practice of connecting to your breath inspired by the teachings of Hal Boutler.

Most of us walk around, to one degree or another, armoured. This armouring is not just in our energy, attitudes or beliefs, it is held in the soma or tissues of our body. Integrative Body Breathwork is a unique technology developed to help you reveal, uncover and meet the holding patterns or armour that we carry. The guidance and techniques offered help you to bring a deeper layer of gentleness, compassion and understanding to the way you hold, clench around or brace against. As we bring this gentle, loving awareness to one’s self and to one’s way of holding - naturally, without the mind, ego or personality having to do or force anything - this holding lets go.

This approach is a new way of looking at your bodymind; it is not about effort, force or discipline. It is about bringing in what we didn’t get to begin with - unconditional love and acceptance - and allowed the body to relax, let go in response to that. It may sound a bit too New Age, maybe even too good to be true! I mean, really? Can we love ourselves whole? Come find out.

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Yoga Inversion Workshop 

with Stephanie & Laura

11.30am - 1.30pm


Join us for an immersive experience into the world of going upside down!

Whether you're just at the beginning of exploring this element of practice, or you are experienced with inversions, this workshop will have something to offer you. During this workshop you will learn:

  • Proper alignment and technique for various inverted poses.
  • Build strength and stability.
  • Explore modifications and variations to suit your individual needs.
  • Receive personalized guidance from experienced yoga instructors.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals on a journey of self-discovery.

This will be a small group to provide individual guidance. reserve your spot today. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your practice and experience the joy of going upside down!

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SOMA Breath & Energized Meditation

with Jen Newman

10am - 11.15am


Held at Pranify Headquarters

SOMA Breath is an uplifting experience focused on stress relief, ecstatic states of bliss & awakening to your full potential. Using ancient pranayama techniques we breathe to epic brainwave music and use guided visualization to reach deep meditative states for transformation.

Experience how this revolutionary Breathwork Technique uses high vibrational energy to supercharge your happiness, manifestations & all aspects of your life.

Gratitude and cultivating high vibrational energy are key components of this breath style. Raising the level of vibrational energy helps everything become clear, your passions come alive and you get a boost of motivation. you are more likely to make good decisions that shape your desired future when they are baed on high quality thoughts and from a high vibrational state. The unstoppable self confidence and high levels of passion creates potent life force energy. You feel compelled to do whatever it takes to create the life of your dreams because you know at your very core that you deserve it!

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Journey Into Birth

With Alli Shafer

Sundays May 12th - June 9th



This all-levels progressive series supports mothers to be as they journey into birth.

Yoga during the prenatal time supports your mind, your body and is deeply nourishing for both you and your baby.

Connect in Mother culture and community with:

- Practical wisdom for an empowered birth as you enter motherhood

- Embodiment + meditation practices to ground into your body and your baby

- Mindful + nourishing movement practices, with modifications for all three trimesters

- Informed education for your pregnancy, the postpartum period and your lifelong vitality

Alli has been guiding people through movement & mindfulness practices for over a decade. She is a mama, devoted yoga, birth care practitioner and an INNATE postpartum care provider.

Alli is committed to the childbearing continuum and the wellness of mothers and families as they journey into birth and beyond.

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