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Connection to self through immersion in community

What & Why we have events

Series and workshops are a great way to deepen your practice and expand your relationship with self. These offerings will be longer in nature allowing for the opportunity to dive into an immersive experience allowing you to explore beyond the usual limits of a regular class with the guidance and support of the teacher.

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Journey Into Birth

4 Week Prenatal Series with Alli Shafer

Sunday January 8th > February 2nd
* no class on January 29 *

This all-levels prenatal yoga series supports mothers to be, as they journey into birth.
Wherever you are in your pregnancy, yoga during the prenatal time supports your mind, your body & is deeply nourishing for both you and your baby.

This IN-PERSON offering allows you to connect with a community of mothers + supports you to grow with:

  • Grounding meditations to connect with your body & your baby
  • Mindful movement practices + modifications for all 3 trimesters
  • Practical education for an empowered birth as you enter into motherhood
  • Pelvic health for your pregnancy, your postpartum time and your lifelong health

Alli has been guiding people through movement & mindfulness practices for over a decade. She is a mama, devoted yogi and a certified holistic birth & postpartum doula.

Alli is committed to the childbearing continuum as she supports mothers and families as they journey into birth and beyond.

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New Year's Day Visioning, Manifesting and Goal-Setting Day Retreat

With Dana Skoglund



Includes gourmet, plant-based lunch and tea*

What if you could spend an entire year ALIGNED with your highest vision?

What if you put yourself in a position where you can finally achieve your New Year’s resolutions? (Instead of setting the same ones year after year)

What if you could accomplish more in 90 days than you usually do in one year?

Join us in this half-day visioning, manifesting and goal-setting retreat to discover how to achieve your biggest goals and make 2023 your best year ever.

Life coach for Yogis, Dana Skoglund will be sharing her tried and true methods for creating an aligned action plan so you can get fired up and confident for the year ahead, knowing you have a plan to follow to create the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Weave together movement, meditation, visualization and planning to lay the groundwork to make 2023 EPIC. Leave with clarity, direction and a roadmap to make magic happen in 2023.

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with Jeff Sorensen


$35 per person.

Jeff + Pranify Yoga will donate all money from this event to the Okanagan Food Bank.

Use the power of breath to explore and connect to the temple of our mind, body and soul using a variety of breathing techniques along with movement, meditation and sound.

Hosted by our fellow teacher Jeffrey Sorensen with his creation breathTEMPLE! Jeff is the founder of breathARMY. His mission is to educate, inspire and empower people to live to their true potential. He offers tools to break through the structures that hold us back from living and expressing that potential in our lives.

Participants often experience deep insight, release and clarity of direction and purpose during these sessions. They are open to all those over the age of 18 years who are of sound body and mind. Those who have pre existing medical or medical conditions are asked to check with their doctor before engaging in these techniques.

Jeff has studied, mentored and trained with some of the world’s leading experts in breathwork and movement. Wim Hof, Brian Mackenzie, Patrick McKeown, Irene Lyon, Jhenneviev Heartt and David Shannahoff Khalsa are a few of the influences that have led to the creation of breathARMY, a unique offering of breathwork, movement modalities, meditation, plant medicine and exposure to nature and natural stressors that help us to reconnect to our true nature.

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Heart Light - Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony

With Alli Shafer

6pm - 830pm


Winter Solstice marks a potent turning of the seasonal wheel - a still point that ushers us to the presence of spirit,
and the power of faith as we await the return of radiance and warmth.

Cozy up inside the embrace of community and the sweet medicine of ceremonial grade cacao - a sacred plant teacher who invites us to remember our hearts light.

Together we will rejoice in stillness - song - breath - meditation + prayer.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ceremonial Grade Cacao is an ancient plant medicine that roots itself throughout the regions of Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Mexico and much of Central/South America.
Minimally processed and made from whole cacao beans, ceremonial grade cacao is a nutrient-rich whole food by means of minimal processing and natural fermentation.

Crafted with intention + integrity, this plant medicine harvests a great respect for all the hands involved to create it - this means above fair trade pricing, sustainable and regenerative farming practices and a deep reverence for the indigenous farmers and their native lands.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao ( * when prepared + ingested with intention ) can benefit:

Connection + Creativity
Nervous System Regulation
Facilitates the release of Emotions
Increased Blood + Lymphatic Circulation
Creates a divine connection to the Wisdom of the Heart

Alli has been carrying the medicine of Cacao for several years and she has worked with numerous expressions of the plant through her own self study + service to others.
Her ceremonies invite deep states of stillness, personal inquiry, expression and community connection. Music + breathe play a key role in her offerings, alongside the alchemy of herbal medicine + pure love!

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With Osiris James & The Medicine Tribe

7pm - 930pm


A fusion of ancient yogic practice with modern music and connection. This Kirtan Concert with Osiris James and The Medicine Tribe is a uniquely powerful experience.

Kirtan is an ancient yogic practice with roots in the Vedic tradition of Bhakti (devotion in action). It’s an interactive experience set to music, expressing devotion to Great Spirit through singing and chanting the Names of the Divine with a call-and-response style. Kirtan is a powerful, meditative experience that cultivates inner peace and connection to Spirit. During a Kirtan, you can expect to sing, dance, clap, or relax to soak up the good vibes of the chants and music.

This is a safe, welcoming practice for you to connect, renew, and be inspired. Come as you are and bathe in the frequency of love!

A little bit about the facilitators:

Osiris James is a gifted performance artist with a unique, soul awakening, rock-hop-flow-style. He is on a mission to spread love and unite the people, through his music, Kirtan Concerts, and ceremonies. James gets people dancing and stomping their feet to the beat, hands up in the air, singing o-so free. Keeping it real, singing songs you can feel, to connect with Truth that dwells within you, to live free in peace and unity.

The Medicine Tribe is a collective group of gifted musicians, healers and facilitators united together in Spirit, making the movement move with sacred sound, dance ceremony and connection.

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