Pranify Headquarters

A conscious Creative Space

This brand new 1050 square foot multi purpose space offers an enclosed studio, separate office or gathering area and a kitchenette. Rent the whole space for a day or just a few hours, for a one off event or regularly!

Located in the Pandosy Mission Village it's convenient and close to Pranify Yoga, as well as many other amenities.

Our aim is to inspire our community to gather together, receiving and giving in unique ways beyond yoga.

Intention: To nurture the vitality of community.

Mission: To create experiences that elevate and enrich community.

Desire: To provide a platform for you to bring your visions into reality.

What’s possible:

  • Hold an event for up to 30 people.
  • Share your offerings of breathwork, yoga, ceremony circles, meditations or teachings.
  • Gather a team for a strategy or development session.
  • Meet up for co-working or creative sessions with a group.
  • Host a mingle, small party or social.
  • Get creative with a photoshoot.
  • Record content in a space with minimalist design and lots of natural light.
  • Circle up with your own community for connection, sharing and quality time

Our highest hope is that we can provide a space for you to bring to life the beauty you are here to share.

We have been dreaming into the endless potential that could manifest in this space and are looking forward to watching it bloom. We are so open to new ideas and feedback you might have.

If you would like to know more, email us at

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