Celebrating Local

Pranify Yoga collaborates with humans and companies that align with our values. These collaborations create a reciprocity that nurtures both entities and our communities. These relationships contribute to the movement of our mission where healing and unification can happen, sending a ripple of peace into the world.

The Sentinel

Where we are retreating...


The Sentinel is a lakeside retreat and wellness centre, nestled on the western shore of magnificent Kootenay Lake, in southeastern British Columbia. We are a boutique mountain lodge, offering discerning travellers elegant rooms, stunning views, a spa deck, 700 feet of Zen-like Kootenay Lake private shoreline — and best of all, tranquility. We also offer transformative experiences designed to elevate your mind, empower your body, and invigorate your soul.

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All About The Gut

What we are eating...


From field to ferment, garden to gut - Optimizing food potential using natural microbes and energy free preservation techniques to promote gut & overall health.

Find Daniel at the farmers market every week, or reach out to him directly for delivery Tuesdays & Fridays.

Krauts ’n’ kimchi, raw water kefir, milk kefir (cow & goat) mesophilic yogurt, master tonic, lava jam, veggie fermenting kits, kombucha SCOBY, kombucha starting kits, kefir culture kit, yogurt cultures, sourdough cultures, sprouting small seed mix & shakers.

Text 250-317-3966

Www.MoonstoneFerments.com is what we sell,

Www.ItsAllAboutTheGut.com is what we teach,

www.TheFermentFarm.com is where we grow.

The Institute of Natural Fermentation is our vision!!!!

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Pilgrim Coffee Roasters

What we are drinking...


My morning coffee has less to do with need and more to do with appreciation. I started to make it personal and therapeutic. An approach that I haven’t strayed from. In fact, as a roaster, it has only intensified.

“Aw mate, aren’t you taking this coffee thing a bit seriously?”

Yes. Yes I am.

The bean I choose. The method I brew. The cup I drink from.

I don't rush it. Because I don't need my morning coffee, I look forward to it. Savouring every mouthful instead of downing it out of necessity.

The task I've set before me is a noble one: To roast ethically-sourced, single origin coffee that you will enjoy in a way you didn't expect. To provide a well-deserved break from the excessive noise of life.

A moment of calm before the kids wake up.

A moment of peace before the day's tasks begin.

A well-deserved reprieve after a long day at work or a long sleepless night.

Pilgrim represents the people I love and the places that have defined me. It represents my desire to push past the certain and to wrestle with the unknown. I roast coffee because I love sharing my passion with all of you.

Every roast and every cup.

But most importantly, I roast coffee because I love coffee.

And I am humbled that I get to share it with you.

Nutty, smooth, fruity and bold.

With a healthy dose of the unexpected.

Thank you for trusting us with your morning cup.


If you feel inspired with what we are up to and want to collaborate, we want to hear from you so reach out.

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